Welcome to what we believe is a new concept in software consulting: Better Software Solutions. Our philosophy is simple:

Software has become needlessly complex. Consultants take far too much time to implement simple things favoring complexity and "coolness" over maintainability and function. Or worse, the wrong consultants are working on your project and you get to train them on your dime. We feel there is a better way.

You have a right to expect that the consultants you hire are knowledgeable. No engineers that have to do things a certain way--theirs. Our consultants understand many areas of industry including finance, banking, insurance, supply-chain, telecommunications and retail services. We work with you to come up with a solution that makes sense for your budget as well as one that you can actually support when we're gone. Go ahead...read that again. I said when the consultants are gone. We do not believe that consultants should make a career out of your two month engagement. By building something that fits within your organization, you are better capable of supporting it yourself. By working closely with your support staff, BSS identifies the proper skills required and people to maintain your systems long after we are gone. That may seem like a foreign concept in consulting services, but trust us, we're that good and we'll keep busy.

Areas of expertise include

  • Unisys ClearPath (Burroughs) mainframes
  • Web Application security consulting including training application developers to think like the people attacking your systems
  • High-volume transaction processing including developing an infrastructure to handle your expected volume
  • MedTel Services' OmniWorks Call Center software
  • F5 Networks' BigIP products including custom iRule development and iControl applications
  • Web site stress testing